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Authentic UGC videos

Turn your customers into ambassadors and advertise with authentic videos!

A high-impact solution

You're a company, discover tested4you


Word of mouth

92% of consumers trust content posted by other consumers more than content posted by a brand


The power of video

  • 80% of social network content is video
  • 15% more sales conversions
  • 53% more SEO / Google visibility

The UGC trend

  • Convince prospects through your customers
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Valuing your customers authentically

How can you increase your online sales?


We collect 100% authentic UGC videos for you

Turn your customers into testers to promote your products and make :

 VIDEOS of authentic experiences

 VIDEOS testimonials


Videos that can be reused anywhere

Videos you can use on ALL your marketing channels


  Social networking

 Online and offline advertising


  Newsletters, blog,...



Rapid sales growth

The consumer videos will enable you to :

  Generate more sales

  Improve your natural referencing

  Inspire new customers

  Create buzz on social networks


Your customers are your most powerful ambassadors

How does it work?

Step 1

You tell us about your strategy, your objectives (qualitative and quantitative) and your target audience.

Step 2

Your customers will test your product or location and testify to their satisfaction on a dedicated application. To do this, they'll be given a mission with clear rules. We accompany them, guide them in the creation of their video and moderate our content 24/7.


Step 3

Then we select and deliver the best videos to you in HD, granting you unlimited image rights! The format is adaptable to all media (Reel on Instagram, Short on YouTube, Watch on Facebook, etc.).

Let them become your brand's best advertisement!