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Testers' access

Is making money by testing places or products a utopia reserved for influencers? Not on tested4you!

You're a tester, discover tested4you



A place, a product, an experience, a good address, a recommendation...



Your live test, without filter, and add a tip to inspire the community



Money and benefits by sharing your useful videos and tips

Would you like to become a tester?

test, film, earn


Your role

Inspire the community, share your favorites and give your precious advice

Have you tested a new product or location and would like to share your experience?

  • Film your test live
  • Make a useful video for the community
  • Add your own tips and advice
  • And earn money and benefits for each video

Your benefits

  1. Earn €1 per video published
  2. Earn €1 per video from your referral
  3. Receive free trial products and discounts

How does it work?

1. Create an account

Download the free application and register. Add a profile and cover photo to be more visible!

2. Make a video

Make a test video and give your tips in 30sec. Share your good addresses and recommendations with the community!

3. Earn money

Follow the rules and earn €1 per validated video. Receive your money via PayPal.

Making a video is as easy as tested4you!