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The 1st community of testers

tested4you is an application on which you can access thousands of videos made by real consumers who test products and places, and give their opinions and practical advice to help you make the right choices.

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A free app

 Place and product tests

 Short & 100% authentic videos

 Live advice and opinions

 Proof of experience

 Many advantages


Consumer test videos


Brands tested


Destinations filmed

They talk about us

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Would you like to become a tester?

test, film, earn


Your role

Inspire the community, share your favorites and give your precious advice

Have you tested a new product or location and would like to share your experience?

  • Film your test live
  • Make a useful video for the community
  • Add your own tips and advice
  • And earn money and benefits for each video

Your benefits

  1. Earn €1 per video published
  2. Earn €1 per video from your referral
  3. Receive free trial products and discounts

How does it work?

1. Create an account

Download the free application and register. Add a profile and cover photo to be more visible!

2. Make a video

Make a test video and give your tips in 30sec. Share your good addresses and recommendations with the community!

3. Earn money

Follow the rules and earn €1 per validated video. Receive your money via PayPal.

Making a video is as easy as tested4you!