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Frequently asked questions

For testers

What's tested4you?

tested4you is a mobile application providing access to thousands of videos made by real consumers who test places or products, and give their advice. Our content is 100% authentic!

Is the application free?

Yes, the application is completely free and available on Google Play and App Store.

How do I download the app?

To download the mobile application, go to your smartphone's store.

  • If you have an Android, you'll need to go to the "Google Play" application on your phone.
  • If you have an iPhone, you'll need to go to the "App Store" application on your phone.

Then use the search bar to type: "tested4you". It's free, so all you have to do is click on the "Install" button.

Can I earn money with tested4you?
Yes, on tested4you there are 2 ways to make money fast:

1. By publishing videos of tests and experiments that respect the rules of payment.

2. By sponsoring all your friends and encouraging them to make videos.
Do you have to be an influencer to publish videos or earn money?

No, on tested4you the influencer is YOU!

What can I film?
You can film all your everyday tests and experiences:

- A place: a restaurant, a bar, a home, a museum, a small shop,...

- A product: cosmetics, electronics, clothing, household appliances, etc.

The aim is for your video to be useful to the community!
Do I have to consume to make tested4you videos?

No, you can film a place, a monument, a beach, a landscape, a hike,... as long as you give advice!

How much can I earn through sponsorship?
The sponsor can earn €1 for every 1 video made (up to a maximum of €10).

So if the referrer invites 10 friends and they all make 10 videos, he earns €100.

The number of friends is unlimited.
How do I sponsor people?
To sponsor someone, simply send your referral link to people who haven't yet downloaded the application.

To do this, go to your profile, click on "Sponsorship", then on "Invite my friends".

Our friends must download the application and create an account, all without closing the app.

The number of referrals is unlimited.

For companies

What type of company are the offers for?

Our offers can be adapted to different types and sizes of company: start-ups, VSEs, SMEs, GEs, etc.

What is the purpose of these offers?
The aim of these offers is to :

- Turn your customers into ambassadors

- Receive numerous consumer test videos

- Relay the videos on all communication media

- Benefit from unlimited image rights
What are the advantages of subscribing to an offer?
Your benefits include :
  •  Generate more sales
  • Inspire new customers
  • Improve your natural referencing
  • Create buzz on social networks

But also :

  • Sales guidance
  • Communication on your new products or priorities
  • Videos that can be used on ALL your communication media
  • Unlimited image rights for your videos
  • A new way to inspire your customers
  • A solution for attracting new customers directly
What are the steps in a sales offer?
There are 7 steps:
  1. Define objectives
  2. Target testers
  3. Choose the reward
  4. Train testers
  5. Communicate with testers
  6. Customer test period
  7. Video delivery
How long does it take to set up a B2B offer?

The B2B offer can be launched within 48 hours of signing the contract.

Is there a web version?

For the moment, we only have the mobile app. The web version is planned, but we'll have to be patient a little longer. However, as a professional, we will have access to a back-office.

What are the differences between the 3 offers?

The level of service is not the same. For example, the relationship with the support team, the promotion of videos on tested4you, general assistance, etc.

How will I receive my videos?

You can view and download all your videos from your back office.

Is there any help if I need it?
Yes, of course.

For the "The Take-off" offer, support will be provided via chat.

For the "The Accelerator" offer, support will be provided via chat or phone.

For the "The Professional" offer, support will be provided via a dedicated account manager.
I'm ready to launch my campaign. How does it work now?
Write to us via the "Contact us" section and specify your field of activity.

We'll get in touch with you and explain all the details. The campaign can be launched within 48 hours of signing the contract.